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Cholesterol Monitoring

Two thirds of the UK population suffer from a cholesterol level that is above 5mmol/l. While we all like to think that we are taking care of ourselves the statistics can tell a different story. More than 6mmol/l is consideredhigh but government guidelines suggest a targetlevel below 5mmol/l. Men on average have a level of 5.5mmol/l and women 5.6mmol/l.
There is a great deal of evidence that high cholesterol levels can cause narrowing of thearteries (atherosclerosis), heart attacks and strokes. The risk of coronary heart disease also rises as the blood’s cholesterol level increases. If other risk factors, such as high blood pressure and smoking, are present, the risk increases even more. So it is a serious issue for all. We can measure your cholesterol level accurately in our pharmacy during a short and painless consultation. While it may not appear so, it is a complex process with very advanced technology so we apply a small charge. Please ask our pharmacy team for information.